The OHSU Biomedical Information Communication Center

The OHSU Biomedical Information Communication Center
Portland, Oregon
THA Architects, Architect of Record

AIA Portland Honor Award
AIA NW and Pacific Merit Award

Richard Potestio was the project architect for this THA Architecture project.The Biomedical Information Communication Center at the Oregon Health SciencesUniversity is sited on a steep hillside at the center of the campus. It connects the original and new campuses with a system of bridge, stairs, and elevators.The building houses a research library serving the school and the State through the first ever fully computerized database and telecommunication facility.

The design features a concrete frame that is clad in stone on the north entry side and is exposed on the south to the forested ravine. The frame creates a matrix in which a variety of spaces are realized, including two double height rooms lit by windows assemblies comprised of glass block and a window wall system.