Portland, Oregon

This gallery is designed to show photography. Interconnected rooms provide a variety of scales, suited to the differing sizes of the works exhibited. Pivoting walls enable the curator to change the configuration of spaces as suited to each exhibit. The spaces are designed to flow seamlessly and encourage the visitor to explore the extent of the gallery.

Natural light is introduced through the large storefront windows, but mitigated by a wall set in front.

Portland, Oregon

The Atelier Lapchi is a retail showroom for a company producing hand woven rugs. Wood slat screens subdivide the large space into intimate room sized zones. The screens enable the easy hanging of varied sized rugs.

Portland, Oregon

Potestio Studio was commissioned to create a gallery for contemporary and installation art in an old industrial building. The client’s brief asked for a neutral space whose lighting and ambiance would enhance the experience of art.

The resultant design is a square room punctuated by the timber columns of the building. The galleries art walls are subtly articulated to express planar surfaces as distinct from the floor and ceiling. The floor is finished in steel plates whose natural finish provides a deep luminous appearance thereby fostering a contemplative environment.

Credits: Artist, Ben Buswell; Photographer Evan LaLonde

Portland, Oregon

This commission for a very small gallery presented the challenge of creating the impression of a larger space. The sense of expanded space is achieved by expressing the art walls as floating planes disengaged from the floor, ceiling and the structural walls, which describe the actual volume. Varied ceiling heights provide further spatial definition. An alcove introduces additional exhibit space for video installations.