The Lair Condominiums

Portland, Oregon

AIA Portland Merit Award
Urban Land Institute Award

Potestio Studio was commissioned to design 13 residential units for a steep 10,000 square foot lot located between an historic neighborhood and downtown Portland, Oregon. A courtyard scheme enabled 10 town houses to be arranged on the site. The descending slope allowed for three additional flats to be located on the lowest level of the building.

The courtyard serves as the resident’s shared space thus reinforcing a sense of community. The courtyard is set at the middle level in the building, with stairs connecting to the three unit entry levels. It provides auto access to six garages. The stairways create a pathway through the building connecting the building to the neighborhood and downtown.

The building’s composition balances a reading of the overall building form and the individual units, identified with bay windows. The singular slope of the roofline ties the building to the site. The alternating pattern of bay windows and panels of wood siding is a modern interpretation of the Victorian houses in the neighborhood.