The University of Oregon Varsity Football Locker Room

The University of Oregon Varsity Football Locker Room
Eugene, Oregon

Potestio Studio collaborated with the firms M1C2 and Downstream to renovate a conventional 1950’s locker room into a state of the art facility for the University of Oregon’s Football team.

The design draws its inspiration from a stadium, with the lockers arranged in a radial pattern on two levels overlooking a central gathering space. This ensures that all players are included in an overall spatial experience that reinforces the team spirit. Everyday meetings and half time talks are enhanced by the acoustic and sightline qualities of this configuration. The team experience is further enhanced with interactive video screens and audio systems.

The lockers integrate technology including continuous ventilation, and power/docks for laptops and mobile devices.

Materials are chosen for durability and beauty. The upholstery fabric used on seating was developed for NASA. The wood slat ceilings, and the stainless steel and wood lockers are locally produced.